When FirstBus brought the world-renowned Greyhound brand to the UK, Spider was chosen to develop the E-Commerce site.

Clearly, the design had to mirror the iconic position of the brand, but, equally importantly, the site’ s primary purpose is to generate sales.  

We focused on keeping things simple, minimising the number of steps required to book online in order to maximise the numbers who do so.  Add in a customer loyalty scheme, ticket pricing software that allows the client to manage the yield on sales, online promotions and reporting and you have a site that fulfills every aspect of the brief.


The loyalty scheme in particular has been massively successful, capitalising on the brand, and our continuing relationship with Greyhound means that we’ve recently been involved in developing an intelligent app for their drivers.

We’re used to creating apps for customers, especially the ones who get on FirstBus Group’s vehicles, so the idea of designing one for the people at the business-end of the bus – the driver – was an intriguing one.

Our Greyhound driver app is accessed via a tablet which each driver carries on board.  Location sensitive, the app has revolutionised the company’s ability to maximise seat use, whilst also improving the service to the passengers, who now are far less likely to have to suffer an overcrowded bus.  

Essentially, our app tells the driver how many passengers they are going to have, and when they are going to get on, making it easier to manage the capacity of the coach. If a large number are booked in a few stops’ time, new passengers at an earlier stop can be alerted and their expectations better managed along multi-leg journeys.  The system also tells drivers exactly how much to charge for anyone without a ticket. It is, as a driver said to us recently, “a really cool bit of kit”.


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