Consider how many times a day you personally use your mobile? Apparently we check our phones on average 100 times per day and the majority use mobile apps for everything from ecommerce to house hunting to recruitment.

The rail transport market leads the way in terms of mticketing and journey planning. Are bus operators being left at the station when it comes to meeting consumers desire to plan and purchase tickets via mobile devices? Already we have seen that technological developments and government have put pressure on operators to roll out smart cards and contactless payments with initiatives such as ITSO compliance and the drive by credit and debit card suppliers. Mobile has now appeared as another channel to developed and dealt with as a revenue stream.

Market Place

  • 1250 bus operators in the UK
  • Revenue comes directly from fare paying passengers
  • Over 5 billion pound business sector in the UK


  • 61% of the UK households have a smartphone
  • The active online population on laptop and desktop grew by 1.5%; from 44.6 million to 45.3 million unique viewers, in the year to March 2014. Mobile audience growth was greater in the same period, up by 11% from 27.2 million to 30.2 million unique viewers
  • Purchasing goods is the 4th most common function of internet use

Advantages of Mobile Apps

The advantage of mobile apps for the consumer is that they can search for travel information, plan their journey and purchase tickets on one device and in just a couple of clicks. This is a win win situation as mobile opens up a new revenue stream for the operator and eliminates the need to queue or find change for tickets for the consumer. We acknowledge that PTE’s and operators are under pressure from competitors, senior management, consumers and government to deliver a solution for the mobile platform. Spider Online can incorporate all three functions in one app, streamlining and improving the customer experience. Previously we created, developed and built one of the UK’s most popular bus operator apps which to date has had over 350,000 IOS and android downloads, winning multiple awards for innovative use of mobile.

If the biggest hurdle for your organisation is keeping up with consumer driven technology and the challenge of integrating mobile into legacy systems then contact Spider Online for access to further information, product demo’s and case studies. Our expertise, insight and experience can support your business growth.

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